First aid for your eyes

First aid for your eyes

Work with computer, air pollution, heat, stress – our eyes have many thing to endure. Here are 5 tips that will help you to protect your vision.

1. Make sure you have appropriate lightning. Low light makes our eyes to get tired quicker. Check the lamps at your working place. Maybe it’s time to get brighter ones. The light shouldn’t be to intensive either. If you have to work all the time with artificial lightning, you should use modern lamps that simulate daylight.

2. Wink from time to time. People who work in front of computer usually do not wink enough and their eyes can get dry. For this reason from time to time, make a break and instead of staring to computer screen wink.

3. Look around. Your eyes need changes. Look somewhere else, at some objects which are far away from you. Change from one object that is fat to another that is very close to you. This way you will train your eye muscles.

4. Get some fresh air. Air conditioners can irritate your eyes. If possible, turn of air conditioner and just ventilate the place where you work. Go for a short walk. Avoid cigarette smoke and exhaust gas.

5. Exercising in the dark. There is one exercise that makes your eyes relax. Cover your eyes with your palms but keep them open. Make sure the light doesn’t reach your eyes and imagine that you are looking to the horizon.



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