Foods that help to lose weight

Foods that help to lose weight

Cinnamon. It is proved that half a teaspoon of cinnamon helps to break down sugar 20 times faster and reduces its amount in the blood.

Apples and berries. Apples an berries contain high ammounts of pectin (acidic polysaccharide) which prevents the body absorbing fat.

Chili pepper. Chili pepper speeds up your metabolism.

Citrus fruit. They also have a power to speed up metabolism. In addition, citrus fruit contain vitamin C which liquefies fat and helps to remove them from the body.

Garlic. It accelerates metabolism and maintain low insulin level which helps to burn fat faster.

Dairy products. Calcium and proteins are proved to promote weight loss and help building muscles.

Ginger. It has the ability to expand blood vesels and increase body temperature which helps to speed up metabolism. So don’t forget to replace one cup of your favorite tea with ginger tea.


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