Foods that lead to addiction

Foods that lead to addiction

It’s said that some foods can lead us to addiction which may even turn into a strong amusement. So, where the fiction ends and truth begins? Here we present the foods mostly accused for their influence on us and findings made by nutritionists.


Possible causes of addiction: Caffeine is a powerful stimulant of our nervous system. It’s pretty fast to give use some refreshment, so even after the first three sips we start feeling more concentrated. Many experts believe that these primarily mentioned characteristics encourage us to start drinking it frequently and finally become true coffee lovers. Those who have already used to its toning effect find themselves absolutely incapable to work until they get a cup of aromatic coffee. The American researchers claim that there are about 13 percent of people in the world who are addicted by coffee.

Risk group: Workaholics.


Possible causes of addiction: According to complaints, chocolate is an absolute champion in creating an addiction. It may cause a very strong dependence which has been known for quite a long time. However, it seems like not only chocolate can make you addicted – other sugary foods, like sweets, cakes and even dried fruit have been also announced to make us subordinated. The main reasons why sweets can lead to dependency is that sugar stimulates certain areas of the brain responsible for the pleasure and cause endorphins – hormones of happiness – appearance. As we know, happiness is never too much.

Risk group: People who are unstable emotionally. Scientists have also announced that this habit is often inherited from the mother.


Possible causes of addiction: Lately it has been announced more and more details about the cheese and its addiction which may be even stronger than the one cause by coffee or chocolate. According to scientists, it’s because of the protein called casein, which in the process of disintegration acts similarly to morphine. The intermediate compound was named Casomorphine which is not as strong as a drug. However, it has the same relaxing effect and encourages the person to feel positive emotions.

Risk group: People evaluating expensive delicacies. However, simple cheese lover should also be aware because it’s a daily product. 


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