Foods that will help you feel fuller

Foods that will help you feel fuller

Trying to eat healthily but still feeling enormous hunger throughout the day? It’s time you to pay attention to foods that can make you feel fuller and satisfy your appetite without exceeding calorie intake. Besides, they will have positive effect on your hair, nails and skin.

1. Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich in healthy fats and acids that make people feel more satisfied, so adding some olive oil on your salad or pasta dish should work when trying to avoid hunger. Remember, only one tea spoon of this oil after snack or meal will make miracles, just make sure you are using extra virgin olive oil.

2. Avocado

Foods that are full of omega-3 fatty acids are the best tool to avoid hunger pranks, so eat avocado to feel fuller. You can add some slices of avocado to any salad and on any sandwich or simply make a guacamore with fresh ripe avocados. This snack is healthy and will make you feel full soon.

3. Boiled Eggs
Just one hard boiled egg can make miracles, because it has lots of protein and fat important for trying to forget about hunger. To feel comfortable, start your day with breakfast of whole grain bread and the egg or add some to your salad in the afternoon.

4. Tuna or Salmon
Tuna, salmon and any other oily fish is another source of Omega-3 fatty acids that will make you forget about the hunger until the evening. When choosing your main dish, try to give a chance for a grilled fish or tuna salad two times per week for example. Besides, it’s an essential dish for your brain as well!

5. Nuts
Prepare a mix of walnuts, almonds and pine nuts and keep a handful with yourself to control your hunger. However, don’t overeat because it may cause a weight gain! Besides, you can add some to your salad, porridge or other foods.


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