Foods that won’t let you sleep

Foods that won’t let you sleep

If you are having difficulties with getting a good night sleep and sometimes even stay up all night, you should take a closer look to your diet. It has been announced that late night snacks not only make you gain more weight but also actually interfere with sleep. After a 5-year study of Wake Forest University, adults who were younger than 40 and slept 5 hours or less gained more weight than those who slept for 6 or 7 hours a night.

So, what are these foods that should be definitely avoided in a late night in order to burn calories and keep your weight stable at least?

Beef is the first product which should be avoided on the late evenings because it will set your body in active mode when it should rest. By this heavy dose of protein, your brain neurons will become much active than usual what may lead you to insomnia. Nutritionists offer replacing beef with poultry which has been found to induce serotonin playing an important role in sleep cycles regulation.

Another thing which is definitely NOT recommended right before your bedtime is chocolate ice cream. Sugar which is inside provides a fast-burning energy which needs to be used as quickly as possible but it can’t be done when our body is resting. So, all sugar additionally is stored as fat what touches our curves. Even more, chocolate which you get with ice cream contains caffeine which leaves your brain actively working. The better idea is eating yogurt with granola and fruit, like banana.

No matter that you can’t imagine a really fast snack without cereal, you should avoid if you plan on falling asleep. This hugely sweetened meal has much calories and any fiber to keep the level of your blood sugar stable. Ignore these saying that little doses of carbohydrates help to sleep better but that’s definitely lie. If you can’t refuse a small bowl of cereal, look for the one that contains as much fiber as it has sugar.


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