Foods you should eat together

Foods you should eat together

Nutritionists say that according the resent researches its important not only the way how we prepare one or another dish but the products that are used together. By using these groups of products, we will be able to make our food more valuable.

Fried meat and broccoli

Grilled meat has carcinogens that increase the risk of gastric cancer and broccoli has been found to reduce this risk. In addition, this vegetable helps for the body to eliminate carcinogens.

Fried fish and marinade

Marinades will protect fried meat or fish from carcinogens and their appearance. Therefore, it is worth keeping meat or poultry in vinegar or tomato sauce, marinade it with spices 30-60 minutes before cooking. Before grilling the fish, you can also use soy sauce for protecting it.

Bell pepper and olive oil

Vitamin A, which is yellow and orange vegetables, can be absorbed only with a help of fat. That’s why it is recommended to drink carrot juice mixed with a little of cream. Thus, when preparing salad which includes yellow bell peppers you should use oil for the sauce.

Ginger and milk

Milk is rich in calcium which is especially needed for our bones and teeth. Ginger, in turn, is rich in magnesium – a vital mineral, which improves the absorption of calcium.

Eggs and onions; tomatoes

Preparing eggs with tomatoes and onions is not only delicious but also useful: onions and tomatoes share selenium with the body. This mineral is particularly useful when trying to maintain sexual health. It’s especially important for men, because some research shows that with each ejaculation their body loses this mineral.

Mushrooms, nuts and rucola

All these products combined together get anti-cancer, anti-diabetic and anti-bacteric properties. In addition, to get the best effect make mushroom salad with cashew nuts and rucola. Mushrooms and nuts are full of selenium, which helps the body absorb sulforaphane, found in rucola.


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