For those who adore chocolate

For those who adore chocolate

Helpful or harmful?

The biggest drawback of chocolate is that it indeed has many calories. 100 grams of cocoa has 380 calories and chocolate depending on how it was made can have twice these calories. For those who want to lose weight, nutritionists advise to replace chocolate with cocoa drink. Those who often have migraine, frequent mood swings shouldn’t abuse chocolate either.

However, chocolate can be beneficial. The researchers of Harward University have found that chocolate prolongs life of people who eat it in moderation, for example, three times per month. People who do not eat chocolate at all live on avarega one year less.

Why is chocolate useful?

Chocolate contains antioxidants which protect your cells and genetic information form free radicals. It also has theobromine which is the main stimulant in chocolate similar to caffeine. Theobromine promotes accumulation of certain mediators in the cells which leads to better blood circulation, urine output, muscle power, etc. For many people chocolate works like caffeine – it increases mental activity and strength. It also works as antidepressant by helping to produce serotoinin in the brain.

Even the smell of chocolate has benefits on health. The smell of chocolate increases secretion of immunoglobulin A which protects against gerns and viruses.

An interesting fact is that chocolate has stronger effect on women. It improves their mood and that is why craving for chocolate is stronger before menstruation and menopause period.




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