Forget quick-cooking foods!

Forget quick-cooking foods!

Quick-cooking oats for breakfast, bouillon cube for lunch, noodles poured with boiling water for dinner. Food which can be prepared in a minute wins against healthy food and has the leading position in daily nutrition of people who are forever in a rush.

Quick-cooking porridge

Manufactured and turned into flakes, grains lose vitamins and fiber that are necessary for the normal functioning of our digestion. Besides, all porridges produced in this way and then prepared in few minutes are rich in starch. So, differently from the ordinary-cooking porridge, quick-cooking porridge may even make you fat instead of giving important fiber to fasten digestion processes.

Quick-cooking noodles

All around the world, this food has become extremely popular among tourists, students and bachelors because of its easy preparation. Firstly fried in the palm oil, noodles are then dried out. Palm oil, which is used for frying the noodles, is not the healthiest product because it has been researched to increase the blood cholesterol levels. In addition, nutritionists warn that frequent use of these noodles is an easy way to put on some extra pounds. Spices that are added to this dish make the pasta salty and spicy. That’s why this dish is not recommended to eat for those who suffer from stomach and kidney problems, and if you blood pressure is elevated.

Bouillon cubes

Have you heard that one third of the bouillon cube gives you the daily intake of salt. Therefore, broth and soup lovers tend to have high blood pressure and also suffer from kidney problems. Another problem is the cube of bouillon is monosodium glutamate (MSG or E621). Scientists haven’t summarized yet what problems for our body can cause the excessive consumption of MSG. Moreover, it has been widely argued that the cubes of broth can cause allergic reactions and reduce the body’s resistance.


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