Freckles may also lead to cancer!

Freckles may also lead to cancer!

According to doctors, there is no lie in a traditional popular opinion that people who have fair skin and hair and those whose faces are often decorated with freckles are at a greater risk of skin cancer. If you had serious sunburn in a childhood, serious consequences may appear even after several years. ‘The Daily Mail’ writes about Louise who has been suffering from the skin cancer, which started with an innocent pigment spot on her face.

From early days this woman had freckles, so her mother allowed her daughter to go outside just after putting loads of protective cream. However, in her 20’s Louise noticed a sun spot on her cheek. This sun spot, half a centimeter in diameter, was not taken into account and as always in such cases, named as harmless. Doctors claim that though these spots are really harmless, they highlight the fact that a person spends too much time in the sun. Louise asked her doctor to remove this pigment spot and it has been done.

However, eight years later the same spot reappeared in the same place. According to dermatologist Nick Lowe, his tests and biopsy carried out just after the claim looked normal without any suspicious signs, so he decided to remove the spot again.

Live went as usual and the spot reappeared in the same place again and this time its edges were irregular spots. Biopsy returned scary results – it turned out that the spot has turned into melanoma.

There are several types of skin cancer and each of them develops from different epidermis cells (the top layer of skin cells). In most cases, non-melanoma cancers are found in the deepest layer of epidermal cells. However, every change you see on your skin should be known for your family doctor, so don’t waste your time and see your family doctor to get examined all moles, spots and freckles.


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