Genetically modified products. Pros and cons

Genetically modified products. Pros and cons

Genetically modified food is such a food when its genetic material has been altered or it has acquired properties of other plant, animal or microbe, which couldn’t occure naturally. Such products are produced legally from 1990.

The most popular genetically modified products are soybeans, tomatoes, rice and corn. Genetically modified food is assessed contraversially as its effects on health and ecosystems are not tested completely. The critisizm for this kind of food is often based on the premise that eating genetically modified products makes changes in human genes.

Our population has reached 6 bilions. It is estimated that within the next 50 years this number will double. In this case, genetically modified products have its advantages. They are more resistant to pests, climate change, herbicides and various diseases. Genetically dofified plants are not demanding for a certain amount of moisture so they can grow in poorer soils under adverse conditions. Moreover, scientists have already created genetically modified poplars which clean the soil from heavy metals.

There are attempts to derive tomatos and potatoes which would have certain bacteria that would facilitate transportation and storage conditions.




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