Ginger and its health benefits

Ginger and its health benefits

According to doctors, ginger is the universal medicine, in gastronomy it is adored for its spicy flavor, beauty and health care professionals say that it’s great source of energy. In addition, lots of interesting and controversial facts can be told about ginger. Whether it is historical, medical or gastronomic source, all they can be compatible with a single thesis: ginger is an excellent source of flavor and health benefits.

In Western India, where the ginger comes from, people say that it’s the “universal medicine. According to modern research, it has been shown that it is particularly effective in treating nausea and sea sickness. To get rid of these diseases, doctors advise people to consume 1 gram of dry ginger powder on a daily basis. However, its
usefulness in trying to stop morning sickness for pregnant women is doubtful and scientists are still uncertain about using ginger. British people believe that ginger soothes the stomach colic. People living it U.S. drink ginger vodka when they want to get rid of the tired muscle tension. In India, the porridge made from fresh ginger is
put on the temples to stop migraine. Ginger is useful in treatment of arthritis and reduces cholesterol levels. The practices of Western medicine show that ginger has anti-inflammatory effect and powerfully improves immune system. However, some features haven’t been approved yet.

As long as scientists are looking for the benefits of ginger, cosmetologists, perfumery and beauty professionals use it to improve beauty. Detoxification centers recommend drinking ginger tea before meals and going to bed because it stimulates and cleanses the intestines. Asian spa facilities, working under a different program,
use hot ginger drink with a reason to tone clients’ body. A drop of ginger oil in a hot bath has been found to remove the muscle pain, improve blood circulation and accelerate fat metabolism.


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