Habits that may cause health problems

Habits that may cause health problems

The things listed below are quite popular among the people for trying to get rid of fatigue, stress and boredom. However, all these ‘relaxing’ things have their dark side – they initiate health problems.

TV watching
Every major study finds a direct link between a constant watching of TV and obesity. According to various researches it has been found that every two hours spent at home watching TV increase the risk of obesity by 23 percent and may potentially lead to developing diabetes by 14 percent. In addition, TV makes people to become passive with not only others, but with themselves as well. To minimize the time of TV watching, try to pick only few your favorite TV programs and stop yourself from lying on the couch and watch every program one after other.

Video games
Shooting at various virtual objects on a computer screen has become a daily routine for most of the young people. However, video games are harmful for the younger generation because they separate them from their real life and isolate from social interaction. Computer Games provides quick and easy results. They are harmful to fantasy and imagination because young people unexpectedly become socially isolated.

Eating at night
Do you remember yourself eating steamed broccoli when looked at the fridge on the night? Eating at night is spontaneous and always includes unhealthy foods. When you are tired and anxious, the hormone called cortisol sends a signal to the brain that you must eat to recover the amount of insulin. Remember, all these calories that you get will be unused during sleep and you will gain some weight.
Therefore, if you really want to eat at night, drink a glass of milk. You should stop eating after 7 o’clock in the evening to save your figure and health.


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