Hangover helpers

Hangover helpers

All people know that the best cure for a hangover – refraining from the alcohol. However, if you can’t avoid drinking during a party, drinking alcoholic beverages from the weakest to the strongest and avoiding mixing them may help for you.

After the party, before you go to sleep, you should drink a simple glass of non-carbonated water with the juice of lemon, orange or lime – this will help you to avoid nausea. In the next morning it’s important to drink lots of water or other non-alcoholic beverages, such as lemonade (better still) or juice because they help to prevent dehydration and soon you should feel much better.

Headache, if it’s not very strong, can be relieved by putting a cold compress on your forehead and drinking lemon-balm tea. Take one teaspoon of lemon balm and after pouring it with a boiling water wait for five minutes. Then generously sweeten this tea with honey or fructose to get carbohydrates that will reduce the toxic effects of acetaldehyde.

People suffering from hangover shouldn’t forget magnesium – it restores the balance of calcium which is usually disturbed by alcohol. Preparation of magnesium is very simple – just dissolve completely one tablet of magnesium into a glass of cold water and drink it then. It is also recommended getting some vitamin E to restore the damaged cell membranes. You can get this excellent antioxidant from fruits, vegetables and fruit juice. Make sure you get enough of this vitamin not only if you are suffering from hangover because it slows the aging of skin and it is a must during the summer after tanning.

The most important thing which you should never do is to drink again while trying to recover. Even a small quantity of beer, vodka or other alcohol can easily make you drunk again and, if repeated, it may lead you to alcoholism. So, the one and only measure for hangover – a wise moderation.


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