Harmful effect of sitting for long hours

Harmful effect of sitting for long hours

We all know that long hours spent sitting at the table is not a healthy thing. However, experts have also announced that even if you don’t forget to take some sports after your work hours you may still have problems with your health. Researchers say that people who regularly do some sports and have to spend long hours sitting suffer from higher blood pressure, increased risk of diabetes and have a wider waist than those who have to sit less. Even worse: one study, which involved 17,000 Canadians, has announced that those who had to sit in their office for a long time period were at risk of dying early, regardless of their physical activity level and whether they were smoking or not.

Another study found that adult people who watched television more than three hours a day, exhibited much poorer cardiovascular level even without taking into account other indicators of health, such as weight or physical activity. Scientists are still researching this phenomenon, but experts warn that poor activity may be dangerous for your health.

How to take this news into account? Change your habits. When watching TV or using the computer, replace sitting on the chair by sitting on a ball or simply walk on a path. Doctors also offer standing when working with computer instead of sitting. Before you start watching your favorite comedy, take your yoga mat and if you find yourself sitting for a long time, take a break and do some simple exercises.

It is also recommended standing and walking as much as you can, even if you need to leave your car far away from your work. Stop asking your family members to pass the items for you and go to take them by yourself. While waiting in line or reception, do not hesitate to get up and move. You can also purchase a pedometer and count your steps.


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