Have a gym at home

Have a gym at home

You don’t need spend your money on huge treadmills and weight machines if you want to have your own gym at home. Here are the most important tools for toning and calorie-burning that won’t make your wallet suffer.  Without leaving your home, use them three times per week at least and soon you will see the results.

Jumping rope. To do a full-body cardio workout and burn some fat, jump using the jumping rope. You can use this inexpensive tool for starting your workout and doing all sorts of interval training. If you want to work intensively, jump hard and fast for two minutes, then do some squats and push-ups for one minute. Finally, do two more minutes of hard jumping and repeat at least two or three times.

Workout mat. An exercise mat is a must if you want to help for your back and knees during the crunches or other exercises. You will need it for all the floor-based workouts, yoga and Pilates for example. Remember, it must be cleaned and disinfected every week, so make a mixture from one part lemon juice and two parts water. This will disinfect the mat and give a nice smell.

Dumbbells. Using dumbbells, you can choose a needed amount of weight according to your strength level. Besides, there are numerous variants that differ from each other by price, shape and size.

Exercise ball. Have you tried including exercise ball into your workout? Gym trainers say that any exercise you do on your back can be also done together with this type of ball, from chest presses to triceps extensions. This tool is especially valuable for your core muscles and will improve your  abdominal workout.


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