Have you heard of ampelotherapy?

Have you heard of ampelotherapy?

Ampelotherapy translated from Greek language means treating with grapes. At the moment this kind of treatment is extremely popular in France, Germany, Austria, Hungry, Italy and Switzerland. It is used a preventive measure and as an extra help treating certain chronic diseases. Grapes contain organic acids, B group vitamins, vitamins P, PP, C, carotene, minerals, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium salts and trace elements such as iron, manganese, zinc, copper.

Despite large amounts of glucose and fructose (up to 25%), grapes are low in calorories (100 grams contain 70 calories). Ampelotherapy uses not only grapes themselves, but also their leaves and young plants.

Because of high amounts of potassium and glucose, grapes are useful for the ones having cardiovascular diseases. They strengthen muscle tone, improve heart function and also have positive effect on convalescent status after stroke. Grapes also have soothing effect, they normalize stomach secretions and improve gastro intestinal motility, improve blood clotting and remove toxins.

One course of ampelotherapy has to last 1-2 months. It is recommended to eat 2 kilos of grapes three times per week 1-2 hours before eating. Have in mind that you have to start with less, like 600 grams per day and then add 100-150 grams every day.

During this treatment you should limit the amount of fat you get with food, refuse smoked meat, milk and all dairy products and alcohol. Doctors recommend eating grapes with their seeds as they contain lots of antioxidants.



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