Headache at work

Headache at work

Headache can be really bad especially if you have to work at the same time. So how can you help yourself if it started while you are in the office?

Take painkillers. Aspirin is a simple but very safe option. If your doctor prescribed something different, make sure you take recommended doses. Don’t exaggerate with any painkillers.

Drink some water. It is proved that a headache becomes smaller after drinking a glass of water and waiting for 30 minutes. Make sure you drink enough of water every day, especially if you spend much time in front of computer.

Do some exercises for your neck. If you neck muscles are very tensed that may be a reason of a headache. Look down and try to reach your chest with your chin, then look up. Put your head on your right shoulder, then on the left one. Repeat everything at least 5 times.

Drink some tea. Prepare a cup of tea with lemon, some honey and ginger. This Chinese recipe never disappoints and it also strengthens your immune system.

Massage your head. Rub your temples and a space between your eyebrows. Massage will help you to relax, so the pain will be attenuated.



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