Healing properties of water

Healing properties of water

Water is a key source of life. A lack of water in the organism leads to many problems. However, the question is, what is the best water to drink? Tap water can cause an opposite effect, for this reason, there is a need and desire to make water good for health.

Everything is in your hands. Though tap water is of poor quality, we can improve it. What is more, we can make it healing water. So how to do it?

In order to prepare healing water, you will need gold or silver.

Healing water from gold

You will need a piece of golden jewelry without stones. It is necessary that the gold would be fine. Heat 400 mg of water with gold until you have 200 mg of water. It is advised to use drink one table spoon of gold water three times per day.

Therapeutic properties of gold water: this water has toning and strengthening effect, it provides energy and relaxes from nervous tension.

Healing water from silver

Silver water can be prepared the same way as gold water. To improve water quality, put some silver objects into it and store it for a few days. After that you can use this water and ordinary one.

Therapeutic properties if silver water: silver water normalizes metabolism, improves bowel habits and enhances immunity.



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