How to deal with low blood pressure?

How to deal with low blood pressure?

Low blood pressure is almost the same common problem as high blood pressure. While the consequences are not that bad, it still reduces the quality of life. So what are the main symptoms of hypotension and what should you do if you have low blood pressure?

It is not very difficult to recognize hypotension even without measuring your blood pressure. You will most likely feel weakness, sloth, you will feel sleepy and may have pale face. Quite often people who have high blood pressure feel shortness of breath. All of these symptoms are especially common in the morning, as soon as you get up from bed.

Some people also notice that their palms start sweating and the temperature of their body drops. You can easily notice that you are becoming emotionally unstable, irritable and even feel like crying. Some people cannot concentrate, they cannot stand any noise or bright lights.

How to raise your blood pressure? If this problem persists, you should definitely see a doctor and he will prescribe you medications. However, you can try some natural means. Usually a cup of strong tea or coffee can help. Also try eating a piece of chocolate, a slice of lemon or something salty. It is also very useful to sleep longer at night, walk in the fresh air more often and go to the swimming pool regularly.


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