How to fall asleep quicker?

How to fall asleep quicker?

Regular lack of sleep has negative effect on our health, productivity and performance. If you don’t sleep well you will most likely be irritable and tend to make wrong decisions. People who do not sleep enough often suffer from diabetes, heart diseases, catch cold easier and put weight on faster. So here are some rules that will help you to fall asleep quicker and avoid all these problems.

Make some ritual before bedtime.  Certain ritual before bedtime predisposes the body to sleep. Try to follow some daily ritual. It may be taking a hot bath, reading a favorite book, etc. Try to keep the temperature in your bedroom cooler. Also make sure you have dark curtains.

Do not use your phone as your alarm clock. Admit that when your phone is next to you, your arm will always reach for it to check new messages, posts on social networks, view pictures, etc. This will not make your sleep better.

Breathe deeply. If you are already in bed, this does not mean that you are relaxing. Studies have shown that when you are breathing deeply, you are sending signals to your body to relax. When you beath deeply, your pulse and blood pressure will calm down. Repeat this method every time before sleeping and soon you will see that it is working.

Count. This is a well-known method for everybody. You can improve this method and count in reverse order from 100 and only those numbers that, for example, can be divided from 3. Such method is much more difficult than counting normally, so it will help you to concentrate and get away from other thoughts.


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