How to overcome daytime sleepiness?

How to overcome daytime sleepiness?

Are you constantly feeling sleepy in a day time? Is your bed attracting you like a magnet to take a nap? Daytime sleepiness is a condition caused by biorhythm disorders due to several negative factors, such as lack of physical activity, lack of oxygen, stress and so on.

There is evidence that nearly half of the population often feel sleepy during the day. There are quite simple and well-known ways to combat this phenomenon: walking more, sleeping more, sticking to your regime, avoiding eating heavy food before going to bed, etc. All of this is fine, but what if you feel sleepy and you need to be efficient and work at this very moment?

Here are a few things that might be helpful to have at your work desk:

  • Vitamin B complex
  • Some of orange , lemon , neroli or, sage essential oils
  • Green tea

This simple SOS kit will help you to be vigilant, especially when you have to do some responsible tasks. After your breakfast, take vitamin B complex. This will help you to avoid headaches, weakness and fatigue. During the day, you should not drink coffee or energy drinks. The best solution is green tea. It is a natural and useful drink that works even better than coffee. All of the above listed essential oils stimulate nerve activity and improve efficiency. They are an excellent antidepressant which significantly improves mood.


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