How to overcome fatigue?

How to overcome fatigue?

If we as someone how he or she is, we often here an answer: “I’m ok, but I feel very tired”. Many of the people confirm the same – we get tired, because we are always very busy. It’s like a vicious circle. However, you need to learn how to overcome fatigue.

Fast pace of life, constant use of latest technologies and so on, do not allow us to fully relax. It is often difficult to “switch off”. However, here are some most effective tips to overcome fatigue.

You are what you eat. Your well-being is very much influenced by how you sleep. Try to choose a high-quality, nutritious food that would not overload your digestive system and in the evening you would not feel hungry when it’s time to sleep!

Keep track of how much caffeine you consume daily. During the day, decrease the consumption of beverages that contain caffeine, and a few hours before sleep, reject such beverages completely.

Switch off. Turn off your Internet connection, all computers, smart phones, tablets and other similar devices at least 30 minutes before going to sleep. These technologies not only do not allow us to “disconnect”, but also they emit light that interferes with our natural internal rhythms.

Plan when you go to the shower. Allow your body to return to normal temperature at least half an hour before sleep. Take a bath or shower at least 30 minutes before going to sleep.

Exrecise. Try to exercise and breathe fresh air every day. It is the best to exercise in the first part of the day, when you have more energy and you are more productive.

Calm down. The ability to relax help to slow down your digestion and raise serotonin levels.


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