The benefits of beetroot juice

The benefits of beetroot juice

British researchers have made another investigation which proves that beetroot juice can almost do miracles for human body!

1. The study says the beetroot juice can raise the tone of the body and even replace energy drinks. Tests have shown that beetroot juice increases human endurance by about 16 percent, allowing to be more physically active and withstand greater loads. Beetroot juice contains components which reduce the use of oxygen and increases body’s capacity to save energy. This effect cannot be achieved by any other means. This can be great news not only ordinary people but also for athletes. Beet juice is actually a new legal “doping”.

2. Beetroot juice is beneficial for people suffering from metabolic disorders, and those having problems with cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

3. Beetroot juice can normalize blood pressure. It has been proved that even after a single drink your blood pressure can be significantly reduced. The results may last about a day. This can be great news for billions of people who struggle with hypertension and forget taking blood pressure medication regularly. Statistics shows approximately 25 percent of all human being have high blood pressure. So this is great news for every fourth of us.


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