What happens to your body when you are sleeping

What happens to your body when you are sleeping

What should you do if you want to feel more rested, vibrant and healthy? The answer is simple: control your rest! High quality sleep is no less important for your health and beauty than the daily routines. Here is what happens to your body at specific hours when you are sleeping.

10 p.m. The number of blood leucocyte doubles up. White blood cells fight infections and foreign substances. Body temperature drops. The biological clock sends a signal that the time has come to sleep.

11 p.m. Your body is more relaxed, but each cell has rehabilitation processes going on at maximum capacity.

12 a.m. Your consciousness is increasingly overwhelmed by dreams, but the brain continues to work and processes all information you have received throughout the day.

1 a.m. Your sleep is very sensitive and your body is vulnerable.

2 a.m. All your body rests, but your liver is working at full capacity and cleanses your body from toxins that have accumulated.

3 a.m. Your blood pressure reaches the lower limit, your pulse and breathing slow down.

4 a.m. Your brain gets minimal amount of blood, and they are not yet ready to wake up, but your hearing ability is extremely good at this time, so you can wake up from the slightest noise.

5 a.m. Your muscles sleep, metabolism is still slow, but your body is already ready to get up.

6 a.m. Greater amount of adrenaline and noradrenaline are released to the blood, so the blood pressure rises and the heart starts to beat faster. Your body is ready to wake up, but your consciousness is still asleep.

7 a.m. The immune system is ready to operate at full capacity, so it is time to get up. By the way, if you are taking any medication, keep in mind that at this time your body absorbs it the best.


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