Healthy and tasty kiwis

Healthy and tasty kiwis

Kiwis are good for your health

Kiwis are very useful for everyone who wants to maintain healthy heart and prevent cardiovascular diseases. They help to prevent obesity and contain lots of vitamin C which strengthens your immune system. Kiwis are recommended for those who suffer from high blood pressure.

Kiwis are good for your beauty

Kiwis are great for your beauty too! They perfectly clean, refresh and tone your skin. If you want to have soft and firm face skin, you can prepare a homemade kiwi mask. Simply smash one kiwi with a fork, apply it to your face and rinse it off with a warm water after 20 minutes.

How to choose the best kiwis?

If you want to eat kiwis the same day you buy it, you should choose quite soft ones. These kiwis will be very juicy and sweet. You can also buy a bit harder kiwis which you will be able to eat after a few days. You should keep them in a room temperature so they would become softer and get sweeter. If kiwis are already soft, you should keep them in a fridge.



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