Healthy eating myths

Healthy eating myths

Late dinner leads to obesity, pineapple is a natural fat burner and fresh bread hurts our stomach. Is it true or not? Check out the top ten myths about eating habits.

You can become fat because of potatoes

False! Compared with other side dishes, potatoes are probably the best in maintaining your body lines. One portion (approximately 150 grams) of potatoes will give you only 104 calories. The same quantity of rice has 162 calories and pasta will give you 209 calories. However, it is recommended staying away from fried potatoes – one portion of this delicacy (even without mayo!) will give you 263 calories.

Salt increases blood pressure

This statement is based on the truth that salt thickens the water what increases the water levels in the body and the blood pressure. According to some studies also proved this thing. However, people consume relatively less salt and their blood pressure changes very slightly. So, many of us shouldn’t be concerned about adding some salt on the egg in the morning.

Vitamin overdose can be fatal
People using large quantities of vitamins without a doctor’s instructions can damage their health. For example, an overdose of vitamin C may have laxative effect and vitamin B can cause neurological disorders. In the meanwhile, pregnant mother just after a little overdose of vitamin A can harm her baby’s development. In addition, many researchers suspect that taking too much of beta-carotene, smokers are more likely to have the lung cancer. 

Spinach is a source of iron 
So far, there is a widespread opinion that spinach is rich in iron. It is because one misunderstanding: in 1890s the Swiss physiologist Gustave von Bunge estimated that 100 grams of dried (!) Spinach contains 35 milligrams of iron. However, after calculating fresh spinach that have 90 percent of water this ratio has been divided by ten. In addition, you should know that iron of the plant origin is taken up much worse than animal origin iron.


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