4 myths about vegetarianism

4 myths about vegetarianism

Doctor’s opinion about vegetarian diet is still quite controversial. But they agree on one thing: if you decide to refuse meat and other animal products, it is important to adjust your diet, so your body get all necessary nutrients. Here are some myths you should know about vegetarian diet?

Myth 1: You will not get enough of protein.

In fact, almost every product (excluding alcohol and sugar) have a little of protein. Half a cup of beans has about the same amount of protein, as much 30 grams of meat. To get a sufficient amount of protein, choose lentils, beans, nuts, sunflower seeds, almond milk, etc. By the way, a vegetarian diet is rich in fiber, magnesium, potassium, folate, carotenoids, flavonoids, vitamins C and E.

Myth 2: You can not play sports

You can exercise even if you are a vegetarian, but it is important that the food is balanced, unprocessed, and contain enough of all nutrients, which are mostly found in animal products, such as protein and vitamin B12.

Myth 3: If you become a vegetarian, you can easily get rid of extra weight

If you want your body to be beautiful and healthy, you must eat what your body needs or in other words, you need healthy food. You will not lose weight, if you choose vegetarianism, but eat French fries, bread rolls and drink carbonated drinks?

Myth 4: Vegetarianism is not recommended for pregnant women

Most doctors say that vegetarian diet is not the most appropriate for pregnant women, because expectant mothers need amino acids, which can only be obtained from products of animal origin. But if you decide not to eat meat, make sure you add fish, milk and eggs to your diet. Pregnant women should also get enough of iron, so don’t forget to eat beans, spinach, dried fruit, strawberry, leafy greens, etc.


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