5 healthy eating tips that you should forget about

5 healthy eating tips that you should forget about

When we talk about nutrition, we hear a variety of tips on what’s healthy and what’s not, but you should understand that some of the tips you hear can be misleading or wrong. Here are some healthy eating tips that you should forget about.

  1. The Paleo-diet

Forget food that contains a lot of calories and saturated fat. Having some fat is good, but the abuse of such food, eventually you will lead to extra weight.

  1. Slimming teas

Remember one simple rule: if it sounds too perfect, probably it is. Just forget it and stop drinking teas that promise easy weight loss. Choose tea that you find tasty, but not the one that supposedly helps you lose weight.

  1. Flavoured water

Coconut flavoured water, watermelon flavoured water. The name might sound healthier, but the truth is it is the same as packaged juice. If you care about your weight and health, you should just drink plain water.

  1. Fruit equal a sugar bomb

Fruits in deed have a lot of sugar, but many people forget that fruits also contain a lot of vitamins and fiber, which help to maintain a normal body weight and are beneficial to health. Perhaps you will agree that the majority of obese people have not really got fat because they ate too many bananas.

  1. Eating “clean”

Lately it became really popular to drink the fruit and vegetable smoothies, eat fresh berries and fresh seasonal foods in general. However, it might be difficult to get fresh berries or fruits at certain time of the year. Bear in mind that frozen vegetables are no less beneficial for your body.


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