5 most harmful products for you

5 most harmful products for you

The shelves of the stores are full of various products. However, not all of them are good for our health. Let’s talk about 5 products that are very harmful for us and that you should not use of use them very rarely.

Refined sugar. Refined sugar is considered one of the most dangerous products: it has no vitamins or minerals or dietary fiber, and also it is full of calories. This product is provoking a development of wide variety of ailments: diabetes, obesity, coronary heart diseases, atherosclerosis, tooth decay, and many other disorders. In addition, it reduces resistance to infections.

Salt. Adult need no more than 5 grams of salt per day. However, we usually consume double or even triple amount. It promotes development of cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, accumulation of toxins, etc. Elderly people, as well as those who suffer from heart and kidney disease, should not consume more than 2 grams of salt per day.

Sausages. Sausages are a bomb of fat and salt. They contain genetically modified soy or rice (up to 85 %), and quite a lot of carcinogens. It is also full of monosodium glutamate, which, according to many scientists is addictive, and causes many diseases. Eating these products regularly can significantly disrupt the nervous system.

Margarine.  It’s not a butter analog, as is commonly believed. It is a real surrogate. Basically, it is hardened synthetic fat and a lot of preservatives, emulsifiers and colorings. It contains trans-fats which are toxic and they accumulate in human body. It should be added that this particular product, rather than butter, is used to store the majority of pastries, like biscuits, muffins, cupcakes, pies, etc.

Mayonnaise. Mayonnaise has a lot of fat (including saturated one), carbohydrates, and sodium, vinegar and all possible artificial additives and colorings. It can contribute to many cardiovascular diseases, stomach and intestinal troubles, metabolic disorders and obesity.


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