5 rules to follow when you go shopping

5 rules to follow when you go shopping

Supermarkets are a place where you can get so many temptations and completely destroy your diet. Packages and promotions make it difficult to pass quietly through the aisles without getting, for example, 30 kinds of ice cream. But do not blame the store. After all, you can find some healthy products there too. But how to know what you need to put in your bag?

Rule 1. Get at least 5 different colors products

Forget about synthetic colors. Imagine that food color can only be natural. Think that that little color means little value. Variety of colorful fruits and vegetables are the most useful food, and we need more of them. If there is too little color in your cart, it may mean that you consume insufficient fruits and vegetables. So, pick up at least three types of seasonal vegetables and three types of unseasonalones (frozen). You can choose apples, spinach, bananas, eggplants, carrots, cauliflower and so on. And most importantly, make sure you eat them at home.

Rule 2. The fewer components – the better

Try to buy as little as possible of treated products, and make sure they contain the least possible ingredients. All of us buy spices, crackers, bread, pasta, cereals, etc. Many of these products can be called healthy although they are not. Just look at their ingrediens. If on one packet of crackers indicate only three ingredients, and the other one – twenty, choose the first one. The “richer” the composition, the more unnecessary additives the product has. This rule applies to pasta, bread and even sauces.

Rule 3. Get your “treats” only in small packages

do not lie to yourself. Even those who eat healthily, sometimes allow themselves some treats. In fact you shouldn’t give them up, but you should better buy smaller portions of them. A small packet of crisps instead of a large, one portion of ice-cream instead of a box of ice-cream, etc. This allows you to enjoy your favorite food, but do not go beyond the limits.

Rule 4. Make sure your carbohydrates are only “full-grain”

This is very simple. Choose wholegrain bread and durum wheat pasta, whole grains instead of 1 minute porridges, etc. This significantly reduces cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and the risk of obesity.

Rule 5. Drink water, tea and coffee

Shops offer a wide variety of drinks for every taste. However, many drinks encourage weight gain. You should better give up energy drinks, soft drinks (because of lots of sugar, which increases the risk of obesity) and so on.

As you can see, the rules really very simple, and they are not difficult to follow. This will help you to feel and look better!


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