6 products that improve your digestion

6 products that improve your digestion

Here is a list of products have a high nutritional value and they are easily absorbed, they do not cause bloating and normalize intestinal activity.

Sweet potatoes

This is a great alternative to your favorite “classical” potatoes. It has quite a sweet taste, but natural sugar is released slowly into the blood stream, while keeping a balanced energy levels, avoiding fatigue and weight gain associated with blood sugar jumping. It includes vitamin B6, C, D, as well as iron, magnesium and potassium.

Yellow and red lentils

Of all the legumes, the most easily digested ones are yellow and red ones. Moreover, it has the most of iron. Furthermore, to improve digestion, lenses normalize blood sugar levels. Another advantage is that they do not accumulate toxins and they have a higher amount of vitamin B1 and essential amino acids.


this a is pretty plain, but very useful fruit. It has a very high amount of protein and fiber (a medium-sized avocado has about 12 grams of fiber). If you add these fruits to your diet, you kill several birds at once: improve intestinal flora, stimulate the peristalsis and prevent constipation. Ayurvedic medicine states that avocados strengthens the immune system.

Whole grains and bran

These are the perfect products that are ideal for breakfast along fruit slices and honey and milk. They will help regulate your digestive system and provide a long feeling of satiety.


Of all the green vegetables spinach is absorbed best. Spinach juice contains manganese, vital for normal metabolism, good brain and thyroid function. It also stimulates synthesis of so-called “happiness hormone”.


Almonds normalize metabolism, improves vision and have a positive effect on cardiovascular system. This is – a good natural source of vitamins and trace elements, but do not abuse it. A handful (about 10 pcs.) is enough to have every single day. It can be seasoned with salads, fruit and vegetable cocktails, or other chosen snacks.


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