Basic rules of nutrition to avoid dieting

Basic rules of nutrition to avoid dieting

This article will try to explain how to eat so you do not need to follow any diet and stay healthy and happy.

  • The first thing you should do is to eat frequently and regularly. Eat in small portions that can easily fit in the palm, 6-8 times a day. Some may say that this is not always possible for everybody because of the rapid pace of life. However, if you do not have time to eat as often, eat an apple, an orange, etc. between your main meals to always make your stomach work and activate your metabolism.
  • Don’t forget about the importance of vitamin D. It is important for bone and muscle development, as well as your metabolism. If you don’t get enough if it with your food, consider taking supplements.
  • Cool drinks improve metabolism. They need to warm up in your stomach first and this way they speed up all the processes in there.
  • Caffeine is also known for accelerating digestive processes, so make sure you drink a cup of coffee or black/green tea every day. Of course you shouldn’t abuse these products (especially coffee).
  • If you are working out, make sure you use lemon, because vitamin C helps to burn up to 40percent more calories when exercising.
  • Make sure you eat your breakfast. A perfect option is two eggs and a slice of wholegrain bread. Another option can be a small bowl of porridge or cereal flakes with a bit of milk. If you want, you can also eat a fruit.
  • Make sure you cook at home more often. Homemade food usually has less fat and calories.

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