Products that your should not eat for breakfast

Products that your should not eat for breakfast

Dieticians have made a list of products that you should not eat on an empty stomach. Surprisingly even bananas and yogurt are among them. Meanwhile, white bread seems to be very appropriate for your stomach.

Bananas. The decision to exclude bananas from the breakfast products is based on extremely high amounts of magnesium, which can cause problems with the heart and blood vessels.

Oranges. Do not start your day with these fruits. Oranges can cause allergies and gastritis.

Tomatoes. They are rich in tannin and pectin, causing gastric diseases.

Fresh vegetables (cabbage, sweet pepper, cucumber). These vegetables are not recommended for those people who have problems with the digestive tract, as they can irritate your stomach.

Potatoes for breakfast is another bad choice. They will cause a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.

Yogurt. Eating yogurt on an empty stomach will not give any benefit as it will lose a lot of useful substances. Eat your yogurt after an hour or two after your meals.

Garlic. If you do not want to experience stomach cramps, never eat garlic on an empty stomach.


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