Snacking rules you should not forget about

Snacking rules you should not forget about

Moderate snacks are a part of a healthy nutrition. Many dieticians agree that all of us should have two snacks in between three main meals. But what are the other rules of snacking?

• You should only eat a snack two hours after the main meal, never earlier.
• Do not snack for long. Avoid doing that in front of the computer or TV.
• Snack must be filling. If you eat small products, their content must not be less than your fist. If you eat fruits of vegetables, you can eat two of them.
• Evening snacks should have less calories that the ones you have in the morning. However, you can eat something sweet. Two pieces of dark chocolate is a great choice.
• Enjoy your snacks, but do not overeat.
• Coffee is also a snack. If you go to a coffee shop three times a day and buy coffee with syrup, cream, toasted nuts, cookies, chocolate chips, etc., you get a lot of unnecessary calories!
• If you want to snack in the evening, you can eat cereal, yogurt, peas or greens an hour before going to sleep.
• Make it a habit to notice what you put in your mouth. Everything we eat becomes a part of our bodies. Therefore, make sure you eat something that is good to be a part of you.
• Do not confuse thirst with hunger. Drink more water and you will feel less hungry.


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