Tasty and useful fruits

Tasty and useful fruits

Do you like fruit ? And do you know which ones are most beneficial to your body ?

Bananas . The fruit lowers blood pressure and prevent heart and vascular disease. They also regulate the work of the stomach , relieves acidity and heartburn , improves your mood, gives satiety, making it perfect for breakfast or a snack .

Grapefruit . Improves digestion and absorption of food , a positive effect on the body’s metabolic processes , it is accelerating . If you regularly consume grapefruit, over a few months without the hassle of drop 5-7 pounds.

Apricots . Off-season fresh fruit can replace dried . Slows down the skin’s aging process , benefit the eyes. Has a lot of vitamin A, iron and magnesium , provides the body with energy , a positive effect on the nervous system.

Mangoes . These exotic fruits are increasingly being placed on our table . And not without reason. Mangoes help prevent arthritis, better heal wounds and strengthen immunity. One is the fruit of all the daily vitamin C intake.

Kiwis . Excellent source of vitamins. Helps to cleanse the intestines , slightly laxative . Especially useful for eating leavers weight because slimming helps strengthen immunity and cleanse the body .

Lemons . Colds and to boost immunity – one of the favorite fruits. Lemon helps burn fat , reduce appetite. Water with lemon – just needed a drink lieknÄ—jantiems .

Apples . Naturally , it’s best not to eat imported, and for getting our lands and season ( if there vitamins and mineral substances more) . This is – a source of fiber and pectin . It is advisable to eat the rind.

Papaya . Less common fruits on store shelves , as said before, but also very useful. They can be partially replace the orange , but the vitamin C in the latter as much as 15 times less. Papaya reduces the risk of developing arthritis and cholesterol levels.


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