Tips how to start eating breakfast

Tips how to start eating breakfast
  1. Have good night’s sleep . Because of bad sleep or the lack of it, you may feel sick or have abdominal distension. It is likely that you will be in a bad mood, get up in the last minute and that all of these reasons will not allow you to eat breakfast. Most likely you will have some snacks at work, which won’t be necessarily healthy.
  2. Choose a diversified breakfast and discover your favorite dishes. This can be a variety of whole-grain cereal (for example, buckwheat, rice, oats, barley), vegetables, fruits, egg dishes, dairy products, low fat sandwich occasionally.
  3. Do not eat a lot at night. Try to eat less calories in the evening. Sometimes people don’t want to eat breakfast because they have late dinners and they don’t get hungry throughout the night. It may also be associated with nausea and morning.
  4. Exercise before breakfast. Brief exercise not only stimulates the appetite, but also awakens and activates the working day.
  5. Allow plenty of time for breakfast. No matter how hard it is to get up in the morning, try to provide sufficient time for the preparation of breakfast. if you rush, not only you will not prepare nutritious food , but you will also not feel a pleasure of eating.
  6. If you feel sick in the morning, drink a freshly squeezed fruit juice.
  7. Do not snack at night. Last food you have in the evening should be two hours before sleep. If you feel hungry, drink some tea, water or eat a fruit.

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