Tips on how to drink tea

Tips on how to drink tea

What do you know about drinking tea? Here are some tips how to drink tea.

It is not recommended to drink tea on an empty stomach. In China there is even a saying “Do not drink tea with an empty heart.”

Wait until your tea cools down, do not drink it very hot. Hot tea can severely irritate your throat, esophagus and stomach. Tea temperature should never exceed 56 degrees.

Avoid very cold tea. If you like to drink ice tea in summer, you probably already managed to experience a “side effect”. A lot of people feel the cold from the inside. Besides, you can get ill if you drink really cold drinks.

Do not keep tea leaves in the water for too long. Otherwise, polyphenols and essential oils will begin to oxidize, so the drink will lose its transparency and flavor identity. Another disadvantage is that, it can cause harmful micro-organisms (like, bacteria and fungi) to grow.

Do not use the same tea leaves for too many times. Experiments show that the first time you use tea leaves, you get 50% of all mineral substances, with the second cup you will only get 30% of all useful substances, with the third one only 10%, and with the fourth – only 1-3%. If you continue and continue, you will get less and less use of it.

Do not drink tea before eating. Large quantities of tea thin saliva and food may start to look like tasteless. Enjoy your tea 20-30 minutes before a meal.


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