Top 10 worst foods

Top 10 worst foods
  1. Potatoes. This is not the most useful product because of the amount of starch.If you eat potatoes very often it can lead to weight problems. One of the worst foods made from potatoes are French fries. It is a bomb of salt and fat.
  2. Soda . Carbonated water interferes with a feeling of satiety, and you want to eat another hamburger, pizza, etc.
  3. Fast food.The only good thing about fast food is that you can get it quickly and cheap.However, if you don’t have time to cook, it is better to go for a sandwich with vegetables, cheese and
  4. Mayonnaise. Once stop adding it to your foo, you will soon notice the difference in your body lines. The same should be said about ketchup and other sauces,which contain flavor enhancers, flavorings, fat and other unnatural ingredients.
  5. Salt and sugar. These two are called white death for a reason.Salt accumulates water in the most inappropriate places. Sugar is number 1 enemy for anyone who wants to lose weight. You don’t have to completely abandon these products, but limit their use. Sugar can be replaced with honey.
  6. Alcohol. Alcohol harms our entire body.If you It affects not only your health but also makes us eat more.
  7. Sausages and other smoked products. You will never know when exactly these products were made. ​​Besides, they contain large amounts of salt.
  8. Fried food. If you use butter or oil to cook, you are forming carcinogens and kill all beneficial properties of the food. In addition,you increase the amount of calories. Try steaming your food. If you do want to fry, choose proper oils which are resistant to high temperatures. Remember that cold-pressed olive oil is just for salads.
  9. Sweets. If you want something sweet, eat honey, dried fruits and bitter chocolate. These are the best options.
  10. White bread. Fresh buns and white bread can be very tasty, but they are not very useful because white flour has no nutritious fiber.That is the reason why you should choose full-grain bread.

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