High fat foods may harm not only your shape but also the brain

High fat foods may harm not only your shape but also the brain

We all know that obesity is harmful for the heart, joints, etc. Another factor, which is not that well known is that obesity can harm your brain by changing its physical structure. It may also lead to memory and thinking problems.

Being overweight can change your way of thinking, emotions and actions. Eating fat food daily promotes addiction to it. This can be equal to demand for drugs.

Fat meals accelerate vascular congestion which harms the heart and brain. The studies have shown that overweight people have on average 4-8 times smaller brains comparing to the overall body than others. All this happens because blood cannot run through blocked blood vessels into the brain so they get less oxygen and gradually stop functioning normally.

Researchers have noticed that people over 70 who complain about obesity had brain that looked at least 8 years older than the actual age. Generally, people who are overweight have more difficulties to assimilate information, they find it hard to study. Also they sleep worse at night.

However, it should be noted that body needs some fat but they must come with nutritious food. It is recommended to avoid sugary products.

Obesity is becoming a serious problem today. Every day we can notice young overweight people. As you know, everything starts with what we put into our mouth.



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