How many hours you should sleep per night?

How many hours you should sleep per night?

Everyone has different sleep needs. Some of us feel the best if they sleep 9 hours, others are satisfied only with 5 hours of sleep. Studies show that people who sleep at least 7hours every night, live longer.

Doctors in the U.S. claim that the younger you are, the more sleep you need. For example, newborn babies should sleep 18 hours! Children of 5-10 years of age should sleep 10-11 hours. Teenagers – 8.5-9.25 hours.

Adults have different sleep needs. Usually 7-9 hours of sleep is the best choice. It all depends on their lifestyles. Some may feel good after sleeping 5 hours and others will not feel rested if they don’t sleep 10 hours. Pregnant women usually needs a little bit more sleep than usually. If you are ill, you may need more sleep in order to strengthen your immune system.

Lack of sleep can re related to developing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, depression, bad memory or week immune system. Here are few features that will should you have a lack of sleep:

You constantly suffer from viral diseases;

You always feel hungry (that means your body needs energy and it is looking for other sources of it);

It is hard to concentrate for you;

You always feel distracted;

You feel anxiety;

If you cannot fall asleep at night, you can try drinking some herbal tea before going to bed. You should be very careful with sleeping pills and only use it if supervised by your doctor.


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