How not to gain weight during Christmas?

How not to gain weight during Christmas?

Many sources announce that people gain about 2-4.5 kilos of weight during the Christmas season. It’s clear that getting rid of those kilos is much difficult than gaining the same amount of it and they can truly become a real headache for you. So, how to enjoy delicious meals and don’t gain some much weight?

You’ve probably noticed that you can survive without eating until the evening before the major day and then you simply cram up yourself until full. However, fasting in the first part of the day gives nothing beneficial for the body and just slows down the metabolism. In addition, after fasting we all tend to eat twice as many calories when come to the party. To avoid this, try to avoid kitchen in the party and go to another room as soon as you fill your plate. Try to interrupt into conversation or other activities that will help take your mind off the food. When helping in the kitchen, chew the gum to avoid grabbing some leftovers – it’s an easy way to avoid an additional 200-300 calories! In addition, try serving more healthy dishes instead of traditional holiday meals that are heavily filled with butter, cheese or chocolate. For example, serve fresh vegetables
or salad next to your turkey or use imagination for reducing the number of calories.

Finally, though holidays is a time when it seems there is no time to do something for yourself, throw yourself a challenge to find at least 30 minutes of the sports. After burning 300 extra calories a day, you will be able to eat 300 calories more. You can even invent a new holiday tradition, associated with physical activity – invite your guests to put on their skates or have a short walk.


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