How often can you eat fast food?

How often can you eat fast food?

Nowadays, when we have to count almost every minute, it is not easy to eat healthy. It’s much easier to run to the nearest coffee shop or supermarket and get something easy to cook instead of cooking at home for hours. Although nutritionists say that fast food is harmful for our health, it is not that easy to change your eating habits. But why is fast food so bad? First of all, because almost every fast food meal contains products that are not compatible. Second, most of the time the products used are of very poor quality. Third, most of the mare served with soft drinks which literarily are killing our body. It’s your right to eat fast food or not, however, there are certain norms that shouldn’t been broken.

Burgers. One unit contains around 257 calories. A safe amount – 1 burger in 2 weeks. One burger comes with half of the daily salt rate. If you eat burgers too often you will harm your cardiovascular, digestive, urinary and nerve systems. Meat of burgers can contain carcinogen which cause cancerous diseases. Burgers can also cause allergies and digestive problems.

French fries. One medium serving contains about 340 calories. A safe amount – 1 serving (250 g) per week. 100 grams of French fires contain 8 grams of trans fat which are not of natural origin. It increases blood cholesterol levels and promote cardiovascular diseases. It is also involved in cellular metabolic processes and stimulates tumor cells. Too much tans fat in your body can lead to diabetes.

Pizza. One piece contains 450 calories. Safe amount – 1 piece per week. Usually pizzas are made with sauseges instead of meat or sea food. That means it doesn’t have any natural proteins. Regular deficiency of protein slows down children growth and impairs absorption of useful substances. It can also cause problems with muscles and heart. Pizza provides deceptive feeling of satiety as it doesn’t provide any useful substances.



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