How often should you eat meat?

How often should you eat meat?

Many of us look at vegetarians with some jealousy because we believe that these people are much healthier than we are and have extremely balanced personality. However, is this jealousy is really worth it?

People become vegetarians for a number of different reasons: some of them (mostly the young ones) choose this diet for the moral reasons and opinion that it’s unethical to kill and eat the meat of dead animals. Another group stops eating meat because of their religious beliefs and only a few of us become vegetarians for health reasons. It is not a surprising fact that food affects our health and our diet has a great impact on it. Vegetarian nutrition has been linked to longer life and decreased risk of so-called ”civilization diseases” (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and increased cholesterol level).

However, after a detailed study in the Mediterranean countries it has been found out that health depends not on the fact if we eat animal origin products or not. The most important thing is how often do we choose this food. Doctors say that:

– it is enough to eat red meat such as beef, pork or lamb once a week
– you can eat white meat, like chicken, turkey or rabbit 2-3 times a week
– dairy products can be eaten every day
– it is good for you eating 3 eggs per week.
– it’s a good idea eating fish at least three times a week and it can definitely choose instead of white meat.

If you want to stop eating meat and become a vegetarian, you should get enough knowledge. Remember, your body will start lacking necessary materials, so you should think about taking useful multivitamin and mineral complexes. But is it healthy to eat vegetarian food and a handful of pills? It’s really healthier choosing a balanced diet.


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