How often should you wash your hair?

How often should you wash your hair?

Many of us have a question: how often should I wash my hair? Experts say that it should be done as little as possible. According to them, about 90% of people wash their hair every single day. However, hundred years ago people did this once a month. While customs, habits and fashions are changing, clean, pleasantly smelling hair gives a sense of freshness.

How often should you wash your head depends on hair texture and how quickly your scalp gets greasy. Known as sebum, it faster “goes” on straight long hair, so their owners are more likely to have oily hair. After all, sebum is necessary – it helps to moisten the hair and makes them watertight. For this reason, thick curly or coarse hair is always dry.

Experts say that washing your hair with shampoo is sufficient only when you do that couple of times a week. For those who cannot tolerate greasy hair, they advise to rub their roots with a protective conditioner and wash only the scalp. If you exercise and work physical work, you should wash your hair with the plain water and, when it is still wet, rub them with a light conditioner.

Of course, washing the head is not so bad thing – it stimulates the scalp, blood circulation and nourishes the hair bulbs with various nutrients. However, this procedure can be successfully replaced by daily scalp massage or regular combing your hair regularly with a good quality brush. Besides, daily hair wash is often preferred by people who suffer from dandruff who shouldn’t do that. According to dermatologists, this habit can exaggerate the problem because hair does not come off clean. Therefore, use a special anti-dandruff shampoo which gently cleans the skin and discourages the flakiness.


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