How should we keep the products in the fridge?

How should we keep the products in the fridge?

Everyone knows that food should be stored in the refrigerator but do you know how products should be stored there to make them stay fresh longer? Besides, do you know how many products can be kept in the refrigerator without losing their nutritional properties?

Refrigerated products stay fresh longer, so store them in a correct temperature and humidity. Of course, if the product is not kept according to the rules, it may suddenly lose its freshness. The best temperature to maintain the freshness of the products is +4 ….+ 6 ° C. Having a refrigerator with automatic defrost system, you should be aware of temperature differences between the top and the bottom. Depending on the size of the device, the temperature difference may reach 5-7 ° C. So, keep in mind that the very coldest spot is the lower shelves of the refrigerator and the hottest is in the top of device. To make your foods fresh for longer, keep sausage, opened, canned and prepared meals, like soups, in the top shelves and fresh meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and dairy products in the lowest shelves.

Freshness of various products depends not only on the temperature of the refrigerator. Humidity also plays an important role. Humidity and temperature levels depend on the type of refrigerator: refrigerators
with automatic defrost system guarantee adequate humidity level, while refrigerators with the “No Frost system do not, so remember to keep fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and other products packaged to make them stay fresh longer. The shortest time period for storing your vegetables is for cauliflower and corn (2 days). Green peas, green beans can be kept for about 4 days and cabbage – for 5 days. Tomatoes, bell peppers, fennel can be kep in the refrigerator longer – up to 7 days. Various fruits can be stored in the refrigerator for 4 days on average, with the exception of bananas, pineapples, melons, kiwi and mango. They can be easily kept in the room temperature.


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