How to avoid daytime sleepiness

How to avoid daytime sleepiness

Daytime sleepiness is a condition caused by various disorders of biorhythms and negative factors such as the lack of physical activity, bad environmental situation, oxygen deficiency, stress and others. There has been also found that almost half of the people living in a city suffer from a daytime sleepiness. Fighting against this phenomenon can be done in a quite simple ways and many remedies (natural and not) have been also found and used for ages: going for a walk, going to sleep earlier, following the special regime, avoiding to eat heavy foods before the midnight. These offers are fine, but what to do when you are unexpectedly attacked by sleepiness in the meeting instead of feeling cheerful and active?

Try this SOS set will help you to be vigilant, especially when you have something responsible to do:

– Lemongrass, ginseng or Ginseng dressing
– Vitamin B complex
– A number of essential oils: orange, lemon, nerolli, sage,
– Green tea.

Take vitamin B complex after breakfast – this will help you to avoid headaches, weakness and unexpected fatigue. You shouldn’t drink coffee or energy drink during the day. The best way to maintain your functional capacity in the highest level – green tea with a few drops of lemon grass, ginseng or Ginseng dressing. Now you’re ready to have a very strong tonic drink which is natural and useful. All the above listed essential oils stimulate nerve activity, improve physical activity and have been found to be excellent anti-depressants greatly improving the mood as well.


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