How to change your eating habits?

How to change your eating habits?

Any sudden changes of dietary habits have a string influence on human’s well-being. When starting eating new and unusual products the body has to make sure to get some specific enzymes which it didn’t have before. Food changes hormone system, digesting system, you start feeling new tastes and even your need for food changes. Such reorganization doesn’t occur suddenly, it takes time. Probably you will need two or three years to change your taste habits.

If you want to start eating different and healthier food, here are some tips:

1. Eat only when you are hungry

2. Don’t use stimulants and refined foods, such as coffee, sausages, cakes, sugar, biscuits, etc.

3. Take liquids and fruits before eating, second meal can be salad, then some protein rich meal.

4. Chew well, eat and drink slowly.

5. Eat more uncooked food. Try minimizing vegetables processing, better eat them raw.

6. Eat fruits for breakfast, choose porridge and vegetables for lunch, before going to sleep eat salad with nuts.



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