How to control overeating?

How to control overeating?

Cannot stop eating? This can become an uncontrolled habit that will cause additional problems and even health issues. There are plenty of reasons why people are binging: excitement, anxiety, boredom, depression, etc.

Side effects. First of all, overeating can cause many inconveniences – stomach pains, constant laziness, sink break outs, finally – gaining weight. None of these side effects will make you happy so you should think how to train your will.

Self-control. Tell yourself that you will eat one plate of food and not more. Do not snack for no reason and do not lie for yourself. You should have 3-4 big meals and couple of snack per day.

Enjoy your food. If you eat and watch TV, browse the internet or read a book, you do not concentrate on eating. So it is normal that you eat and don’t feel full. If you concentrate on food and chew longer, this will become a ritual which will help you to control overeating.

Constant snacking. Many of us keep snacking even without noticing it. Get a notebook and write everything that you eat throughout the day. This will help you to control how much you are snacking.



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