How to deal with the bad breath?

How to deal with the bad breath?

Drink more liquids

Bacteria causing bad breath in our mouth stay longer when the mouth is dry. Instead of being washed away by saliva, bacteria stay in the mouth when it’s dry because there is less saliva than usual. Remember, the more you talk, the stronger is the smell, because talking dries the mouth. Therefore, make sure you have a glass of water before a long conversation or a speech.

Eat fruits

The acids that are inside the fruit not only moisturize the oral cavity, but also effectively break down dead bacteria found there.

Always eat breakfast

Our mouth dries out during the night because we breathe through it while we sleep. Even when the teeth are brushed, bad breath usually persists until the chewing and saliva production processes do not start.

Chew fresh parsley

If you chew this herb, you’re not only beautiful but fresh as well. According to folk wisdom, parsley helps to stop bad breath because it has antibacterial properties.

Use tongue scrub

Bacteria causing bad breath “live” on the tongue and cannot stand oxygen. Scrub of the tongue not only removes bacteria, but also injects oxygen into the mouth cavity and reduces halitosis. It was confirmed by research, that you can clean your tongue with a simple toothbrush as well.

Use antibacterial mouthwashes

According to research, antibacterial mouthwashes kill the bacteria that cause bad breath. Most of the most effective fluids are consisting chlorhexidine and zinc.

Eat natural yoghurt

It is told that ‘live’ yogurt reduces the sulphides – gases released by bacteria in the mouth.

Use baking soda

Baking soda or, sodium bicarbonate in other words, reduces acidity in the mouth – a possible agent of unpleasant odor. Researchers have shown that toothpaste which is enriched with 20 percent of soda really reduces bad breath for at least three hours. Besides, it was also announced that chewing gum with baking soda is also effective!


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