How to fix the sunburn?

How to fix the sunburn?

To fix the damage of sunburn, try these tips:

Moisturizing lotion. To calm down your skin after the sunburn, use moisturizing lotion enriched with aloe vera, soy or any other anti-inflammatory agent. These components will help you to eliminate the redness, dryness or flakiness that will come additionally after you get too much sun. You can’t overuse it – to get the best result, use the lotion as often as you can.

Aspirin or Ibuprofen. To reduce the inflammation, irritation, redness or other your body responses to sun burn, try these medications. Keep in mind that you must take them within 24 hours if you want to stop the permanent damage which can be made eventually.

Retinol Cream. Our skin is so elastic because of the substance called collagen which can be easily destroyed by sun. To calm down it after the sunburn, you should try to increase collagen production by starting to use cream with retinol. Retinol will help you if you have rougher skin as well and will heal the burn.

Exfoliating cleanser. To fix the sun damaged skin completely, you should exfoliate the affected area twice a week. However, dermatologists say that you should start doing this only when your damaged skin has completely healed. We could recommend using alpha hydroxy acid, which will not only remove the dead skin cells but will also stimulate the growth of new ones.

Sunscreen. To repair some of the damage and immune system change, you should always apply the sunscreen. According to dermatologists, it should be with an SPF at least 15 to protect the skin cells from unwanted changes. Blocking UV light exposure, it must be used even there is no sun outside.


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